Animals don’t want to be confined, used, or killed by humans. They have their own emotions, personalities, parents, offspring, friends, and lives. Therefore they should be allowed to live full and natural lives free of oppression and exploitation, to be able to form their own bonds and relationships, and to express themselves and live in the way nature intended to.  If we were kept in the same manner as we keep animals, we would fight back. Sometimes animals do. When they’ve had enough, when they’ve been pushed through fear and pain, and they see an opportunity and are able to act on it, they will do so. Animals will escape, resist, and fight back for their own freedom. They will disobey, lash out, and attack with intention of revenge, not only in self-defense, but also in concerted retaliation for injuries or fatalities committed against others in their group.

Animals are not voiceless. While they cannot express themselves in the human constructs of the courts or media discourse, they do communicate to us in numerous ways by unequivocally expressing that they are unhappy, fearful, suffering and oppressed. They resist, rebel, and revolt in numerous ways, ranging from disobedience and escape to fighting back and killing. They can in many cases defend themselves and others, but the vast scale and scope of human’s oppression of animals is such that they cannot effectively rise up against humanity in a concerted effort for their own liberation, therefore it is up to those of us who understand their need to live to amplify their voice, overcome the violent tendencies of humankind and overhaul the systematic institutions of oppression and exploitation.

When Animals Resist honors these brave individuals by chronicling their stories; some managed to escape and continued to survive, others were ultimately recaptured, overtaken, or killed by their oppressors, but their spirit of resistance lives on. This site is dedicated to all the animals who fight back, and to those who are aiding in the fight for animals to live free.

Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored. — Alice Walker

Further Reading

The more we study animals, the more we realize their capacity for cognition and emotion, and their ability to plan and act with intention. Therefore, it should come as no surprise anymore to anyone that animals are able to resist and fight back. Further examinations of how and why animals are rising up for revenge and liberation:

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